12" x 20" AR500 Steel Silhouette 3/4 IPSC by TAT 3D Advanced Targeting Systems


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Shooting a steel target has never been so much fun. It is 75% or 3/4 the size of an IPSC A/C Zone style target and has a head size of 4″ x 4″ while measuring 9″ x 20″x 3/8 inches overall giving you two size targets in one. With three 1/2″ carriage bolt holes, you mounting options are endless.  Mount with chains, rubber straps or hooks. CNC laser cut and made in the USA. Powder coated in white and ready to go.

Rated for use with most pistol and rifle calibers. Rated to 3000 fps at 100 yards. They are fully reversible with white powder-coating paint on both side for quick visual reference on direct hits. When used as instructed should provide years of reliable use.