• 12" Gong Target AR500 Steel

    12" Gong Target AR500 Steel

    AR500’s 12″ gong target is 12”x 3/8″ thickness. It features two 1/2″ diameter carriage bolt holes on the ears for gong mounting. The target is rated for use with most pistol and rifle calibers. Precision CNC-cut targets are...


  • Training aid, Accessory Kit provides both hostile and non-hostile, accessories for creating real world scenarios for active shooter scenario, live fire scenario, live fire training, shoot/don't shoot scenarios.


    The POLY-ACCESSORY-KIT contains (1) of each POLY-BINO, POLY BOTTLE, POLY-CELLPHONE, POLY-FLASHLIGHT, POLY-GRENADE, POLY-MAGAZINE, POLY-MORTAR, POLY-WALKIE, and POLY-Wrench.  This kit provides training aids that allow the instructors/users to create...