How many times can TAT3D-ATS foam target parts be shot before they need to be replaced?

TAT3D Advanced Target Systems incorporate a unique high quality product that transfers ammunition through “self healing” foam. This unique system consists of an extremely high resistance through the use of materials that absorb impact.

Each target can with stand between 4,000 to 15,000 shots depending on the caliber.

Are TAT3D-ATS products visible through night vision goggles?

TAT3D-ATS targets provide realistic NVG training. Our life size torso is visible to night vision goggles (NVG). “Paper targets can not be engaged with NVG’s”.

How easy are TAT3D-ATS models to tranport and set up?

All TAT3D ATS products are lightweight and easy to employ and deploy.

Are TAT3D-ATS products versatile and adaptable to use in multiple scenarios?

TAT3D-ATS models provide 360 Degrees of Training. Our unique design and patented 3D aspect offers 180 degrees of target acquisition opportunities; which support full gamete tactical shooting drills from shoot houses to 180 degree flat ranges.

What does AR500 mean?

It is a measurement of Abrasion resistance. A rating of 500 is the industry standard that is preferred for professional/rifle usage to ensure the steel does not become damaged.

How is AR500 steel different than mild steel?

AR500 steel is a special ally of steel that is heat-treated to a hardness of 500BHN. Mild steel has a BHN hardness of around 120 and is not heat-treated.