TAT3D Advanced Target Systems (TAT3D ATS) specializes in mechanical modeling and molds for tactical training. Our realistic humanoid targets are three-dimensional (3-D). We uses optical scanners on human models in order to create life like molds; which result in providing extremely realistic and proportional targets.

TAT3D Advanced Target Systems incorporate a unique high quality product that transfers ammunition through “self healing” foam. This unique system consists of an extremely high resistance through the use of materials that absorb impact.

Ease of Use: All TAT3D-ATS products are lightweight and easy to employ and deploy.

Long Lasting: TAT3D-ATS can withstand multiple training events due to its modular design, unique absorbing materials, and have been proven to take thousands of rounds of multiple calibers.

Life Like: Our targets are anatomically accurate for realistic training.

Human range of Motion: TAT3D-ATS has the ability to represent the full range of motion of a humanoid target; while positioning of a number of weapons and non-lethal training aids in the hands and on the body.

360 Degrees of Training: Our unique design and patented 3D aspect offers 180 degrees of target acquisition opportunities; which support full gamete tactical shooting drills from shoot houses to 180 degree flat ranges.

Realistic NVG Training: TAT3D-ATS Real life size torso is visible to night vision goggles (NVG). “Paper targets can not be engaged with NVG’s”.

Cost Effective: Modular design allows the end-user to replace one part at a time, keeping costs down and increasing the life cycle of the target.

Internationally Patented System Design: All TAT3D target systems are designed by utilizing a complex process of utilizing optical scanners and CAD design equipment; which provides extremely accurate human models that produce high quality 3D target systems.

Made in The USA: TAT3D-ATS training aids are proudly made of high quality materials and under go a rigorous quality assurance (Q&A) inspection. All targets are made in America and are proudly distributed globally in support of law enforcement, military training, and recreational shooting.